Silver Street 6 - Frozen Solid

Frozen Solid at Silver Street Farm by Nicola Davies

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The sixth in the Silver Street Farm series.

A freak snowstorm has Lonchester in its grip! So it's Meera, Karl and Gemma to the rescue, with the help of a troupe of Russian Ballet dancers and a very unusual grocery delivery service!

Silver Street Farm five

Silver Street Farm - The Little Farm in the Big City

Six books in the series, the latest one above.

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Meera, Gemma and Karl share a passion for farms and farm animals. But their dream of setting up their own farm in the middle of the city where they live seems impossible, until Meera finds the perfect spot for it - Silver Street station, derelict and over grown.

But it’s only when Karl’s auntie’s new poodle pups turn out to be lambs and Gemma’s rotten eggs start cheeping, that Silver Street Farm really gets going.

These are the first four books about Silver Street Farm, following the three friends through adventures, disasters and triumphs. There are escaping sheep, carol singing turkey rustlers, spotty piglets, nautical goats, plus a very friendly policeman, a rockin’ DJ and the Silliest Dog in the Whole World.

Join Meera, Karl and Gemma and their furry, feathery friends, Flinty, Chinook, Mojo and Mrs Fattybot for animal adventures and a lot of laughs!

Six books now available, with 5 and 6 in the series - Crowded Out at Silver Street Farm and Frozen Solid at Silver Street Farm - released in Autumn 2012.

Audio Books

‘Welcome to Silver Street Farm’ and ‘Escape from Silver Street Farm’ are available as unabridged audio books read by the author. Buy them now at Whole Story Audio Books.

A Girl Called Dog

A Girl Called Dog by Nicola Davies

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Shy, quiet Dog has never talked to another person, and has to sleep on the floor of angry Uncle’s pet shop with the animals who are her only friends. But one day a mysterious parcel arrives: Inside is Carlos the parrot, a chattering bundle of vitality and a long life history!

With help from Carlos, Dog has a chance to escape from Uncle’s pet shop. Together Dog, Carlos and Esme set off on an exciting, sometimes terrifying adventure. But will the three companions ever find a place they can call home? And will clever Carlos help Dog to find her voice at last?

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‘The eponymous Dog has a Dahlesque existence in this unusual animal adventure that takes her and her animal companions from a run-down pet shop to the vibrant Amazonian jungle. Quirky, moving and ultimately uplifting.’ - The Bookseller

Silver Street Farm

Rubbish Town Hero

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Chipo and his sister Gentle, live in a bomb crater outside Rubbish Town, where everything and everyone has been thrown away at least once. With no parents or family to protect them, Chipo is convinced that his ability to think quick and move fast, like a superhero, is all that he and his sister, Gentle, need to get on in life. But Chipo’s ambitions land them in big trouble and set the two children and their dog Mouse, on a roller coaster ride of adventures. Along the way they find a new kind of family, but will Chipo find the courage to be a real hero and find a better life for them all?


Home by Nicola Davies

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Home is set in a future where the earth is so polluted that humans have been driven to live under huge city-covering domes and hanger-like factories. This world is ruled by the elite powerful ‘Supers’ who control the underdog ‘Workers’ with drugs and propaganda and tell them that Earth is not their home planet and that humans belong in some far-off place in the stars.

But outside the domes and hangers the Earth has recovered and begun to flourish and nurture human life — the Outsiders — once more. Plants and animals are living proof that the Earth is not toxic or alien and the rebel Outsiders are about to subvert the Super’s world order.

Two young people, Sacks and Nero, from opposite sides of the social divide, are caught up in the struggle, seemingly by chance. But as the story unfolds we learn that they have a bigger role to play in the world than they thought, and a secret history that will change who they are and where they belong.

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Up On the Hill

Up on the Hill by Nicola Davies

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Up On the Hill is three different stories about three different children. They all live on farms and their lives revolve around animals and the land. Like children everywhere, the children in these stories encounter problems in their lives — sometimes very big ones — but the animals around them on the farm help to get them through. Lolly has lost her Mum but a pet lamb helps her to get over her grief; Rose feels she’s a jinx on the whole farm, but her pup shows her she’s just the opposite; and Maxy’s escaping hen helps her to get over the worry of a new baby in the family.

These stories are rooted in children’s vivid connection with the natural world. They contain all the excitement and sense of independence of being responsible for the life of a domestic animal and the everyday thrill of life on a farm. Each story is gently told in spare lyrical prose, accessible for children new to reading alone but has enough plot and deeper emotional content to satisfy more fluent older readers.

Up On the Hill handles some big difficult issues that many children have to deal with. Their rural setting will speak directly to country children but also to the hearts of all children who love animals and dream of roving free.

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Nicola Davies’s collection of three stories about farm children is a gem. Well-told, moving and realistic narratives convey the practicalities of rural life…” Nicolette Jones, Sunday Times march 2008