bat loves the night

Bat Loves the Night by Nicola Davies

Illustrated by Sarah Fox Davies

Published by Walker Books

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Bat sleeps by day but at night she unfolds her leathery wings and sets of on a nocturnal adventure. She swoops through the darkness finding her way, and her dinner, by echolocation. Readers fly through the night with Bat, and return at sunrise to the roost, where her tiny velvety baby hangs by its toenails.

Sarah Fox Davies’ exquisite illustrations capture the thistledown delicacy and beauty of Bat and her world.


‘I wouldn’t change a word or an image in this picture book.’ — Books For Keeps

We greedily gather bat facts as the pages turn …’ — Junior Education

‘The combination of near poetic narrative with supplementary facts works well, and the illustrations are a pleasure …’ — Times Educational Supplement

‘A wonderful learning experience..’ — Carousel Magazine

‘…sheer pleasure of the beauty of the language…’ — Magpies Magazine

white owl, barn owl

White Owl, Barn Owl by Nicola Davies

Illustrated by Michael Foreman

Published by Walker Books

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This is the story of a little girl who has never seen a barn owl until she helps her grandfather put up a barn owl nest box. After months of patient waiting, on one Summer night, she gets so close to a barn owl, that she could almost touch it. Readers will share her experience — will look with her into the barn owl’s face ‘like a pearly heart’ and watch as it raises it wings and flies away so quietly you can hear your own heart beating.

Michael Foreman’s illustrations capture the enchantment and romance of this magical white bird in the blue, blue night. Perfect bedtime reading!


‘A charming story and a must for budding birders!’ — Children’s Books‘

… a big hit, blending a sweet story with facts about the graceful, white birds …’ — Norwich Evening News

‘I was in love with this book before I reached the bottom of the first page!’ — The Bookseller

‘… the relationship between a little girl and her grandfather is touchingly portrayed …’ — The Book Magazine

‘A charming story …’ — Verbal Magazine

Dolphin baby!

Dolphin Baby by Nicola Davies

Illustrated by Brita Granstrom

Published by Walker Books

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Dolphin pops out into the blue, tail first! He takes his first breath and begins to swim at once to follow his Mum. But he has a lot to learn! How to click and whistle like a grown up, how to make friends and how to hunt for fish.

‘Dolphin Baby’ follows a newborn dolphin through the first amazing six months of life in the ocean.

In the National Science Teachers Association 'Top Ten'.


“ Davies’s lively story of a dolphin baby and his caring mother is infused with scientific details about dolphin developmental milestones in the first six months of life... Granström’s illustrations set at various depths in the ocean feature broad brush strokes of every watery hue—light blues and greens for surface antics and inky, midnight blues for the depths that the growing dolphin eventually reaches..” Danielle j. Ford, The Horn Book

“... lyrical narrative and intriguing facts!”

“...charming illustrations and a great introduction to life under the waves...” Angels and Urchins

Ice Bear

Ice Bear by Nicola Davies

Illustrated by Gary Blythe

Published by Walker Books

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The biggest predator on land, the polar bear moves alone through the frozen Arctic. Huge and magnificent, the polar bear is a deadly hunter but a tender mother too. It shares its cold, white world with the Inuit people, who watch and respect it, and who learn from its mastery of this harsh and beautiful habitat.

Gary Blythe’s heartbreakingly lovely illustrations take readers to the heart of this remote and ravishing environment, where the polar bear is monarch of all.


Winner of the 2005 English Association’s Award for Best Illustrated Book for 4-11 year olds

‘… lyrical text makes this book like a giant poem …’ — Norwich Evening News

‘… the most beautiful non fiction book I have ever come across …’ — Learning Support

Just Ducks

Just Ducks! by Nicola Davies

Illustrated by Salvatore Rubbino

Published by Walker Books

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From Spring through to Winter the ducks are down on the river that flows through the town, preening, and dabbling, roosting and flapping but most of all quack, quack, quacking!

Join the little girl to get close to ducks and drakes, and tiny fluffy ducklings as they swim about on the river at the bottom of her garden.


“... pitch-perfect throughout, enthusiastic and confident, knowing without becoming precocious ... Rubbino’s watercolors, which range from closeup portraits to gorgeous waterscapes, combine a sketchbook immediacy and economy with an appreciation for the ducks’ streamlined shape... Positively ducky all around.” - Publishers weekly

“...seamlessly combines elements of fiction and nonfiction... The easy-going, colloquial tone of the text makes the information surprisingly easy to absorb. Rubbino’s watercolor paintings have a wonderful freshness and spontaneity. Beautiful, informative, and fine for reading aloud.” —Carolyn Phelan, Booklist

Big Blue Whale

Big Blue Whale by Nicola Davies

Illustrated by Nick Maland

Published by Walker Books

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The Blue Whale is the biggest animal that has ever lived on Earth … bigger than an elephant, bigger than a dinosaur. ‘Big Blue Whale’ takes readers into the mysterious, watery world of this most extraordinary mammal. The story follows the Blue Whale on its long migration, from Polar seas to balmy tropical oceans; along the way readers find out what a whale looks like, feels like, sounds like and even smells like.

Nick Maland’s delicate and tender illustrations work with the text to create a magical story that carries all the majestic scale of this gentle giant and the vast green oceans in which it lives.


‘A marvellous meeting with a Blue Whale … fills the reader with wonder … stranger than any fiction … ’ — The Observer

‘… the blend of words and pictures not only informs, but enchants …’ — The School Librarian

‘I’m a whale researcher who has spent 12 years studying blue whales in the North Pacific … rarely do I see a book that is so accurate while also captivating and magical!’ — Amazon Reader Review

‘May plant excitement in the heart of a future zoologist.’ — Picture Book Quarterly

‘Teachers, young readers and parents enjoyed this book, one of whom returned stroking its cover!’ — Child Education

‘Big Blue Whale offers an opportunity for children to share and talk about much more than superficial information … superb pictures, clear exciting text …’ — Books For Keeps

‘… a joy to read aloud, a prose poem which invites the child into the experience …’ — Montessori Education

One Tiny Turtle

One Tiny Turtle by Nicola Davies

Illustrated by Jane Chapman

Published by Walker Books

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Sea turtles are great travelers, roaming thousands of miles in remote oceans. After years of wandering they return to the beaches where they were hatched, to mate and lay their eggs, before swimming off into the open ocean once again. This is the story of one tiny turtle’s journey, from her nursery in the weedy Sargasso sea, through kelp beds and coral reefs, back to the tropical shore where she was born.


‘One great strength of this book is that while quality information is given, the limitations of our knowledge are often hinted at.’ — Books For Keeps

‘… varied and imaginative language … lively narrative …’ — Child Education

‘An author who gets the balance just right’ — Times Educational Supplement

‘If only all natural history books were as well pitched as this …’ — The Independent

Surprising Sharks

Surprising Sharks by Nicola Davies

Illustrated by James Croft

Published by Walker Books

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The last word you would want to hear if you were swimming inn the sea is “SHARK!”. But most real sharks are not at all what you might expect — some are as small as a chocolate bar, some have built in fairy lights and some can even blow up like a party balloon. So, if you thought sharks were all giant, man-eating killers, you’re in for a BIG surprise.

James Croft’s lively and humorous illustrations strike just the right note of entertainment and information.


‘… I was caught, hook, line and sinker…’ — The Guardian

‘Rarely do author and illustrator complement each other as perfectly as in this undersea jewel.’ — Kirkus Reviews

‘… works wonderfully at every level …’ — The Guardian

‘… a must for any child …’ — Glasgow Herald

‘Davies strikes the perfect tone …’ — Horn Book Magazine, USA