visual arts workshop

In addition to writing workshops I work with art historian Joseph Harrison to run 'pictures and words' workshops that combine visual art - drawing, painting, collage - with writing.

Once again these can be tailored to suit each group with whom we work, but some examples of workshops are:

'The Flying Sofa' year 7-9

Students compose short phrases that transform our perception of ordinary objects. They then illustrate their phrases to create surreal images, imbued with power and meaning.

'Junk Landscapes' year 7- 9

Students take notebooks and plastic bags into the landscape around their school. They collect words about, and reactions to, the landscape in their notebooks, and found objects in their bags. They then use a mixture of collected words and found objects to create a sculpture about landscape and their place within it.

'Whale Tail Tales' year 4-6

The shape, scars and holes in the tails of sperm whales give each whale a tail shape that identifies every individual. Tails are also a record of a whale's life events. In this workshop children learn about whale biology, make their own whale tail, and use what they have learnt to tell the story of how it acquired its shape.

'Where We Live' year 4-6

Working together as a group, children write a word portrait of where they live including vivid sensory details, and their feelings about place and its associations. Children then choose a particular aspect or moment from the word portrait and draw, paint, sculpt or make a mobile or collage to represent it.