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writing in the hubbub

It’s a weird thing, at home in my study I can’t stand the slightest sound. I have a tin of fly spray beside my computer because I can’t even work through a buzzing fly. When I lived in the Devon countryside, I had to wear my partner’s chainsaw ear defenders to keep out the sounds […]

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Why Write Non Fiction?

For a while now there has been terrible gloom amongst the writers of non fiction for children. almost no body gets paid royalties, just a flat fee, and that has been getting flatter and flatter, and is now so flat for many writers as to be a molecular monolayer. And it isn’t just the money, […]

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Just Finished

I don’t normally get covers of books before I’ve written them, but its happened a few times this year, and last week my lovely editor at Random sent me the ‘first go’ at the cover for my next book for them, ‘Whale Boy’. I’ve never had a cover that spoke so intimately to me whilst […]

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