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Surreal shrimps and pangolin pie

Save habitat and you save species. It’s pretty simple really, and its the basic message of the World Land Trust and why I have supported them with my PLR’s for years. There are however, little wrinkles and knots in the smooth skin of that argument that sometimes make the job of ‘saving habitat’ more complicated […]

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Teddy Bears Picnic?

  There’s something about bears: their rounded furry shape, their forward facing eyes, their ability to stand up just like we do, seems to switch on the ‘cute-appreciation-gene’. And that’s just the adults, when it comes to cubs, almost anyone can turn to goo. We put them  in myths and stories and further imbue them with human personality […]

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The Monkeys Want an Autograph

There’s so much I want to write about my trip to Borneo, but as Im off to research dancing bears in Bhopal tomorrow I haven’t time for it all yet. So this is just a start…         When it comes to seeing wildlife I’m not lucky. I’m like the guy in the […]

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