Monthly Archives: December 2012

De-Mob Happy and Communities First

I am in shock. I have finished my writing marathon. All year I’ve had a timetable pinned to the wall beside my desk with weeks blocked out for each book and deadlines marked with ominous dark rings. All year I’ve been holding off the panic that threatened to take over whenever I thought about exactly […]

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Big Ears and Fluffy Tail: So Prove it’s Not A Penguin

I’ve been writing a lot of fiction this year and while I’m writing it I don’t read it much, as it might travel down my arm and into my fingers as I type. So it’s been a non fiction year (mostly – apart from the two TOTALLY AMAZING Hilary Mantels about Cromwell, deep, deep reading […]

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Make Your Christmas Gift Count

  I’ve just been writing the post script to Whale Boy, giving a bit of factual back ground about sperm whales – possibly the weirdest animals on the planet, which is of course why I love ‘em. So yesterday I reread parts of my mate Hal Whitehead’s great book ‘ Sperm Whales, Social Evolution In […]

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