Monthly Archives: February 2013

Moonstone land and splinters of rain

This time last week I was at the Imagine Festival on the South Bank running writing workshops for children on half term and taking refuge from the absolutely bone chilling cold on the Thames bank outside. We had less than an hour to turn out a bit of writing so we had to work super […]

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The Encircling Wild

How many books did you read, or have read to you, as a child that featured lions or elephants? How many have you read to your own kids or grandkids? I would guess that for most children growing up with English as their first, or even second language, ‘lu’ is for Lion and ‘e’ is […]

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On Inspiration

One of the questions that children always ask all authors is ‘where do you get your ideas from?’ I’m always tempted to say, ‘In aisle six at Tescos, just above the fair trade coffee.’ or something similarly daft. What  I actually do say is something like ‘From the natural world’, and then I cringe because […]

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