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An Inordinate Fondness For Pangolins

I’ve tied off all the work ends that needed tying, I’ve found my mosquito net and worked out a way to get hold of a pair of functioning binoculars (my beloved Bausch and Lombs had an uninsured collision with a marble floor) so, bar the malaria tablets and the leech proof socks (no, I’m not […]

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Mother Cary’s Butterknife

  So, no pictures in this and almost no conversations so Alice wouldn’t like it. But given that it won’t get an airing with an ISBN number on it, I thought I’d put it here. Part of my ongoing love affair with selchies and mermaids and my sneaking suspicion that I might be one or […]

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Festivaletteratura…The Best Literary Festival in the World

I’ve just got back from four days at the festivaletteratura, the most wonderful literary festival – I’d be tempted to say – in the world. Not only an amazing line up (well ME… oh yeah and Toni Morrison, Neil Macgreggor, Roddy Doyle, Luis Sacher and a whole long and gorgeous list of writers from Italy […]

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