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Dreaming of the rainforest. Khe Nuoc Trong, Vietnam

A dream landscape fills the space between me and the horizon; layer upon layer of green, tree-clothed hills whose shapes could have been crafted by a movie director seeking to represent paradise. It’s almost too lovely to be true, and yet it’s real. This is Khe Nuoc Trong 20,000 hectares of lowland rainforest in the […]

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Tales from The Woods

I’m fresh back from a week in Mexico attending the World Land Trust Symposium and meeting the partner organisations with which it works. What a fabulous week. What a wonderful country and what incredible people (only a very special group of people react to the cry ‘rattlesnake’ by trying to elbow each other out of […]

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The Encircling Wild

How many books did you read, or have read to you, as a child that featured lions or elephants? How many have you read to your own kids or grandkids? I would guess that for most children growing up with English as their first, or even second language, ‘lu’ is for Lion and ‘e’ is […]

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Make Your Christmas Gift Count

  I’ve just been writing the post script to Whale Boy, giving a bit of factual back ground about sperm whales – possibly the weirdest animals on the planet, which is of course why I love ‘em. So yesterday I reread parts of my mate Hal Whitehead’s great book ‘ Sperm Whales, Social Evolution In […]

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The Monkeys Want an Autograph

There’s so much I want to write about my trip to Borneo, but as Im off to research dancing bears in Bhopal tomorrow I haven’t time for it all yet. So this is just a start…         When it comes to seeing wildlife I’m not lucky. I’m like the guy in the […]

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An Inordinate Fondness For Pangolins

I’ve tied off all the work ends that needed tying, I’ve found my mosquito net and worked out a way to get hold of a pair of functioning binoculars (my beloved Bausch and Lombs had an uninsured collision with a marble floor) so, bar the malaria tablets and the leech proof socks (no, I’m not […]

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