Intergalactic Council Report number @+*XZ<<>^

Dated 67/378/5897221 

Indigenous date 6/11/2019

Planet 2978611/…/,,,/*/22311///2

Indigenous name : Gaia or Earth 

Intergalactic Name name: Most Precious

Most of us in the Intergalactic community have been familiar with Planet 2978611/22311/2 since its discovery, many galactic cycles in the past. It has names in every language in the Cosmos, but all have the same meaning in the Common Speech ‘Most Precious’.

This small blue, ever changing world is precious because of the unprecedented diversity of the life forms which have evolved there. We are familiar with life and its evolution elsewhere in the ten galaxies, and even further into the mapped Universe, but nowhere else have these phenomena reached such a peak of exquisite complexity. 

So, it has been with increasing anxiety and concern that we have observed the rising populations of one of ‘Earth’s’ sentient life forms, the bipedal primate form known to themselves as ‘Homo sapiens, (here, HS for brevity. It is a tragic indication of the deluded and limited sentience of this life form that the meaning of their self appended name is ‘wise’ and ‘knowing’. ).

The data from long term study of the progress of evolution on ‘Earth’ predicted the rise of a different sentient form, derived from a line of extremely large and ‘feathered’ creatures, dominant on the planet during the tenth scientific expedition funded by the Intergalactic Scientific Council. However, following an unexpected meteor strike which caused great damage and destruction, (and no little media speculation about the competence of the IG SC) a little studied group of other life forms gave rise to the currently dominant HS species, which had overrun the planet by the time of the 11th expedition. 

At that time, there was a call by some scientists for an intervention (as sanctioned by IG statute 222@@@/>5901) to eradicate all HS, which some considered to be a scourge. But others, myself among them, argued that the species was showing signs of improvement – the emergence of cultural traits that we felt would surely give rise to a greater awareness of the qualities of this extraordinary planet and, therefore, a planet-wide desire to cherish those qualities over the simple interest of HS dominance.

This did not occur. 

The culture of planet stewardship that we hoped would become ubiquitous amongst all HS remained the province of only the most beautiful of the HS cultures, the peoples living in forests, on the open sea and in deserts, polar regions and mountains. Planet Stewardship (PS) amongst HS living in their large middens, or ‘cities’ in HS local language, became a rare trait. 

Intervention is now our highest priority. IG statute 222@@@/>5901 would sanction the immediate and total eradication of all HS. This would be expensive and unpleasant. The psychic waves we have all endured from the suffering of other species on ‘Most Precious’ would be as nothing to those that several billion HS would emit, even under the kindest of euthanasias. Also, having spent time on ‘Most Precious’ during the 12th IGSC expedition, I and my colleagues have observed some slight increase in PS traits; there is evidence that these are genetically based and enduring, and increasingly fostered by small but significant cultural changes. Dr Mau from the Centuari Cluster using her species’ heightened 5th dimensional awareness, felt this to be especially notable. Moreover, if this strengthening trait were to be encouraged, Contact could be initiated with HS, and their species educated and developed to be effective PS providers, making use of IG technology and support. 

I do not need to explain to you all the economic benefits of On Planet Stewardship provision. 

Other opportunities could then present themselves. Travel to Most Precious has always been strictly controlled and limited to members of the IGSC. However, with newly trained HS and stewards recruited from Earth’s other sentient species (we have already been piloting contact with the marine species known locally as ‘Humpback whale’, known widely across the Cosmos due to the popular documentaries on the epic stories retold in their song cycles) it might be possible to recreate some of Most Precious’  regions on other planets for the purposes of Enlightened Tourism. A Rainforest Planet or a Coral Reef planet we feel would be particularly successful and indeed raise revenue for further research by IGSC.

In short, we propose the following intervention.

  1. Removal of all HS from ‘Most Precious’ to the large planetary holding system in the Nadawanada Complex. This could be done in short order with the help of Centuaria and their mind quieting techniques.
  2. IGSC teams would then work on Most Precious restoring lost diversity where possible, and installing low impact replacements for HS accommodation and food production. HS middens  – cities – and plant and animal concentration camps, known locally as ‘farms’  would be almost entirely eradicated.
  3. Re-education of all HS as PS operatives ( there will be inevitably a certain amount of natural wastage here as some sections of HS are resistant to ideas of valuing any life forms, even other HS) 
  4. Contact with other sentient life forms to prepare them for the return of HS and cooperation with their newly educated sibling species.
  5. Return of surviving, re-educated HS to Most Precious

6) On-going monitoring of the HS in their new roles, and careful study and documentation of new cultural trends and traits. 

Our studies suggest that this would be a successful intervention with multiple positive outcomes for the IG community as a whole. Of course we retain the option of complete HS eradication should our projections prove incorrect.

Any delay will in anywise result in the eradication of HS from Most Precious, through their own destruction of planetary support systems, but the associated loss of complex life forms is unacceptable and would make restorative action prohibitively expensive. We therefore commend this interventive action for immediate approval.

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