Some Animaly Poems

So … just for a change a few poems

The Fox and The Hunt

The fox watches,

While the chaos of barking and hooves passes on.

Delicately it crosses the water,

Choosing the shallowest part.

Then, away,

A wild streak of red,

Free and contemptuous up the hill.


Manx Shearwater off South America

Off Cabo Note,

Off Punta Jericouquara,

Or Calanhar and Mar Chiquita, Punta Sur.

In the twilight,

Where the phosphorescence dots the long Atlantic swells,

A bird, brown and small,

Holds inside  her head, six thousand miles of sea

And the rooty darkness of the Mewstone burrow

Where all her journeys hinge.

There, the chick she was,

The chick she makes

Peeps and peeps,

Fluffy-fat and ready for the miles and miles

For the phosphorescence and the twilight

For the long Atlantic swells,

Off Cabo Note,

Off Punta Jericouquara,

Or Calanhar and Mar Chiquita, Punta Sur.


Choughs At Marloes

Kiaow! Kiaow!

The choughs are coming.

Their black silk fingertips

Tickle the updraught

So it smiles them into flight.


They slide,

A hand’s breadth from the clifftop

Then, down, as if the sunwarmed turf

had just come up to kiss them.


They gleam

They glint, slick black.

Their bud-red beaks bright against the green,

Busy blustering beetles from their holes.


Kiaow! Kiaow!

Their voices strike the glass-still air,

Making it chime and  chime,

Ringing in the Springtime.


Panda Song

Snow is falling in the mountains,

And I’m up here all alone

Hoping for a little glimpse of

The rare bear that’s monochrome.


Snow is falling in the mountains

Sighing on the bamboo leaves

Is that you there in the clearing?

Or just frost upon the trees?


Snow is falling in the mountains

In the silvery, fading light.

Am I dreaming, or did I see

A bear, of black and white?


Snow is falling in the mountains

Panda, are you there to find?

Or am I too late to save you

From being the last of your kind?


The Ballad Of Miss O and the Talking Crab


Miss Octo, hungry, found a crab

And quick as lightning made a grab.

Held too tight for acrobatics

Crab thought, ‘My one chance’s mathematics.’

‘Hey Miss O’ the crab spoke out,

‘Before I’m eaten let me count.’

Crabby didn’t hesitate

He counted arms, all one to eight.

‘My ten legs beats your eight Miss O,

You’ll have to let me go you know.’

Miss Octo froze – she found it rude

To be spoken to by food!

She squeezed him till he turned to pulp

Then swallowed him, in just one gulp.


The Great White’s Answer

I can swim just like a rocket

There’s no time to take fright.

What happens next? That’s easy!

Bite, bite, bite!


I can feel your nerves a sparking

Even if you’re out of sight

What happens next is simple:

Bite, bite bite.


I can smell your blood in water

If it’s day or if it’s night.

And then when I find you.

Bite, bite, bite.


You can ask me any question,

You can be rude or polite.

You’ll find the answer’s always:

Bite, bite, bite



Summer dusk, shadows creep,

Owls call and babies sleep.

Out in the fading light

Bat flies into the night.

Bat loves, loves the night.

Bat swoops and Bat glides

Like a fish in the tide

She is welcome in the dark

As a fire takes a spark

Bat loves, loves the night.

She flies fast, she flies free.

Though in the darkness, she can’t see.

It’s her voice that guides her through,

Ringing out high and true.

Bat loves, loves the night.

Fat moths, little flies

All are caught in her cries,

Echoes bend,  rise and fall,

Bat’s ears hear them all.

Bat loves, loves the night.

Summer dawn, blue sky

Larks call,  babies cry

Bat will sleep through the light

Because she loves, loves the night!

Bat loves, loves the night.




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